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Just a stone's throw from Turin, nestled at the entrance to the Susa Valley, Avigliana is a magical village, immersed in nature and history, awarded since 2007 with the Orange Flag (an eco-tourism award by the Italian Touring Club). A destination for gentle, slow-paced, sustainable tourism, Avigliana is ideal for a one-day outing or to enjoy an alternative weekend.

A visit to Avigliana will give you the chance to:

  • Enjoy lush nature while hiking or cycling in the Lakes Nature Park surrounded by beautiful moraine mountains.

  • Reach the highest mountain peaks and trek on the most challenging mountain paths: for the truly hardcore trekkers!

  • Practice water sports on the Lago Grande lake, from canoeing to sailing, we have it all! Are you longing for some downtime? Relax as you stroll around the two lakes, sit on the lake shore and, in summer, take a dip into the warm Lago Grande water.

  • Stroll around the hidden gem that is the historical centre of Avigliana and enjoy the plunge back in time into the Middle Ages!

  • Check out the monument that is the symbol of the Piedmont Region, in all its austere might! The Sacra di San Michele abbey can be reached by car or on foot, the latter by walking paths immersed in unspoilt woods.

  • Reach Turin’s city centre in half an hour by train, without the hassle of sitting in traffic or finding a parking spot!

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Map of Avigliana

Check out the landmarks and the not-to-miss spots, navigate the map and build your own itinerary!

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