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The Rooms at Casa Conte Rosso

We want to make sure you have a good rest!

That is why the Casa Conte Rosso rooms have warm colours that make them nice and cosy. The rooms have simple-styled, yet nice and functional furniture, while the hostel is located in one of the most beautiful squares in the Piedmont region.

We can accommodate all sorts of holidaymakers: our dormitories provide a shared space for solo travellers, while small or large families can nicely fit in one of our 4-bed or 6-bed rooms. Our double rooms are perfect for those who want a space all for themselves.

The rooms provide unique views of the Avigliana historical centre and the stunning Alps backdrop, making your stay a fond memory.

Number and types of rooms

10 rooms for a total of 46 beds (42 actual beds and 4 sleeper armchairs): 4 double rooms (with two beds), 6 dormitories with bunk beds providing 4 to 8 bed places!

Each room has its own bathroom with a shower.

Casa del Conte Rosso Ostello Avigliana_-13.jpeg

The Rooms



In the dormitory:

  • Please store your shoes in the shoe rack provided in the corridor to maintain good air quality in the room.

  • Take care to keep your space tidy, without encroaching on others' spaces or on unassigned beds. Using unassigned beds may result in additional charges.

  • A numbered locker corresponding to your bed is at your disposal. If you do not have a padlock to secure your locker, reception will gladly provide one free of charge. The management does not take any liability for theft or loss of personal belongings in the dormitory and communal areas.

  • Please observe rest hours: from 10 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. During rest hours, making or receiving phone calls in the room, using the shower, turning on the main light, or any other behaviour that may disturb other guests cannot be allowed.

  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the dormitory. Please use the Chill Out Lounge on the first floor and dispose of waste using the appropriate recycling bins.

  • Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited, even on the balcony. An ashtray is provided at the hostel entrance for guests who wish to smoke.

  • Access to the hostel is not allowed to anyone that has not checked in with the reception desk.

In the bathroom:

  • Keep the bathroom tidy and clean, out of respect for other guests sharing your dormitory.

  • If the floor is wet after showering, please make sure you dry it out for other guests to prevent slips and falls.

  • During rest hours, showering and using the hairdryer are not permitted.

  • A hairdryer is available at the reception.

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